yay for 9 full hours of sleep last night, my really fast typing hands, and lady gaga’s song starstruck on repeat for about a half an hour!

1.i was the 4th person to run thru the door so i was extremely appauled that there was about 3 rows worth of vip ppl. extremely unfair..

2.THE MOSH PIT WAS DEADLY i ended up being pulled out to the back, half by the horrible pushing and shoving and half by my own will because i was about to die. but, I had a good view because the back was mostly little jesse mccarntey fans and short people, i felt like a giant and everyone but georg was in my direct line of vision and not that far away for being close to the back considering how small the room was

3. the arrival: they came at around 5:00 when we were all lined up outside.. they took a backdoor and by the time i realized that everyone was screaming for a real reason and not just practicing their screams -_- i was only able to catch a glimpse of toms backside.. not a bad view btw and i am proud to say that his cute little self and his glowing ora of appealing dreads was the first i had ever seen of th

4. the departure: after reading this i got even more depressed.. when me and shelbi ran outside right after the show to find them, the guy wasn’t lying that they JUST LEFT we must have missed them by about 10 seconds at the most, that was depressing. while we sat outside all sulky but also in awe at the amazing show, these box boys and a couple fan girls(idk where they came from or why they are so lucky) were hauling out their guitar cases and speakers and stuff. I ALMOST FAINTED AT THE SIGHT OF THE BASS CASES I DON’T KNO WHY and TOM’S ACCUOUSTIC GUITAR CASES were like heaven in black leather.. i got to smell it and caress it like a drunk freak.. it smelled like blackberries, axe, and leather and is the best thing i’ve smelled to this day.. i haven’t put perfume on yet since the show cuz everything smells disgusting.. just like everything except for coca cola tastes disgusting..

5. THE SHOW ITSELF was in my opinion amazing. i didn’t realize it was on playback until i was talking to this girl outside, supposedly Bill was sick and i guess they had to go to phooson the next day so…
I AGREE THAT HE DIDN’T CONNECT WELL WITH THE CROWD. but i feel lucky that i got a couple looks from the boys..
IT SEEMED ABIT LOPSIDED IN ME AND SHELBI’S SITUATION. since she is a bill lover, i’m a tom lover, she was front and center, i was in the back. but that’s not the point this is:

TOM WOULD NOT TAKE HIS EYES OFF OF HER. MORE THAN ANY LIVE PERFORMANCE (not that i’ve seen them live b4 it was my first time but watching them on video and such) did he pay more attention to the girls in the front row instead of his guitar( which i was a litle upset at the lack of guitargasm faces. ) and if anyone noticed all those times he looked down to his left and kept smiling and winking and laughing and FLIRTING at someone yeah that was shelbi.. haha

THEN AS I SAID BEFORE I WAS IN THE BACK but i was like a giant around all the jesse fans and i’m pretty tall compared to them. haha. well i was jumping up and down like a crazy freak trying to get their attention. tom looked up at me one time when he didn’t hafta play and did his smile/wink at me then while bill didn’t hafta sing he was crowd searching tha back with his eyes and gave me thos whole wtf ur crazy look. haha. like “erm ja i wouldve seen you if you weren’t jumping up and down but ok” kinda look. but it was sweet. then when he looked over agains i got even more enthusiastic and was like rapidly pointing to the fron center where shelbi was, then he kind of like nodded at me and then during the next chorus he went and sang to her.


MICK LEE(our z100 portland dj- he’s awseome) was getting us reved up and we were chanting TOKIO HOTEL for about a minute before we see gusti walk out to behind his drums.. my heart stopped. he’s freakin beautiful. hah i’m NOT KIDDING. my mouth just dropped and i was like nuh uh THEY ARE ACTUALLY GONNA PLAY. and his gorgeous eyes were just like staring over the crowd. and his hair is grown out again and all floofy out from under his cap(or cat. hha) i was happy i could see him cuz i’ve heard most concert reviews he was hidden behind his drums. haha. then georg walks out and i’m like who’s that hottie.. then i’m like oh meine gott its georg he’s got nice massachusettes arse man, and shelbi got me a cool pic of him leaving.. waist down cuz she knows i’m in love with his shoes.. i’m not kidding i have a love affair with those shoes. haha

i erm kinda started screaming but nothing came out.. i’m not kidding… FREAKING MARBLE STATUE. with the black light/spotlight on him… he was glowing. the first thing I saw was his profile. his head is the size of a watermelon. in a good way. and he is massive. like big and tall. haha. its prolly cuz of his new body building(which i am slightly against btw) but anyway… he’s frickin hot.

then bill came out after the RSG riff. i didn’t really die but i could feel shelbi dieing (us being twins and all)


> me not being able to rip my eyes off tom.. even tho i stared at him for 16 minutes straight but i didn’t like really look at anything.. its wierd i rember most looking at his moles, to make sure it was really tom. haha it was …. but anyway i was looking at tom, but i kept feeling someone staring at me and theres someone staring at me. rofl. i look and gusti’s pounding away at his drums but STARING AT ME. that was flattering *blushes*

> shelbi not being able to rip her eyes off bill cuz she’s freakin in love with him but is feeling someone STARING at her. tom. haha.

my sister was by me and she’s a semi fan and like laughing at me the whole time. specially during the intro when i was like when gusti came on.  then like  when georg came on and then  when tomi boy came on. and then like randomly during the show i was like OH GEORG!! and started facing the other way and snapping pics of him. haha SCREW HER. rofl. no jk i love her she saved my life.

(originally posted under a diff thread…)

edit: i love brittney soooo much  she’s awesome and my friend and she was fun to stand in line with and AHH SHE’S MAKING ME DO THIS SHE’S HOLDING A GUN TO MY HEAD THRU INSTANT MESSAGING. rofl jk.. i am sincere. we had too much fun huh? -winks at brittney in a creepy pedafile way-


i was tagged


kaila tagged me

this taggness is the shock paddle of my dieing blog



1. ich mochte bon bons

2. to the right of me is a creepy nutcracker

3. my favorite color is: no color

4. i have 3 best friends: god, kaila, and shelbi

5. i’m really pissed off right now

6. i’m the president of the porltand street team for tokio hotel

7. i just won something for the first time in my life

8. i love porltand, i don’t go there enough 😦

9. my gumby once got held ransom and i had to pay $20 to get him back

10. i need more underwear 😛


i haven’t posted in forever

i have nothing to say

just wanted to let you know i’m still alive


oooowwww D<

it hurts

i need a hug

i wish i was 16 and rich

cuz then i could enter the contest for the free tickets to the tokio hotel fan party in hamburg at this beautiful hotel………

but you hafta be sixteen

and pay for your own trip there.

man that wouldve been fun

can you imagine!


new ketchup

es gut

sehr gut

two words




you just had to?

you can just go to jamaica and get a life.

um. ja.

thai noodles rock meine welt
and so does meine shwester
who let me eat them


so i was watching the new family guy episode
and brian is like september 1st that sounds familiar.
so i went to the magnificent date web site (http://www.datesinhistory.com)
ppl really like to kill people and do mean things to jews on that day 😦
then i got interested so i looked up my birthday
it was just boring
so i went to this websight instead
and guess who i freakin share my bday with

oh yeah
i’m cool

and kaila
your even cooler
cuz you share your bday with
Judge Judy
Alfred Nobel

dad i have to say is EVEN coolor
he shares it with
david bowie

and shelby
with billy gillman
bob dyllan
and priscilla presley

we rock

but if i had been born the day i was due
i would share my birthday with
LeAn Rimes
Shania Twain
Leo Tolstoy

you should be jealous
atleast just of the leo tolstoy part

thats not my name

licorice is yummy
licorice is sweet
twizler’s black licorice
makes such a good treat

entertainment updates

so with my research skills
and the wonderful musical tastes of shelbi
i figured some stuff out
trl IS ending. its still on though. 9 episodes left and counting. tuesdays thru thursday from 3:30 to 4:30. these final episodes will lead up to the total finale live, on NOVEMBER 16TH AT 8PM. which will be depressing. but it has 12 performers, 3 of which have already been revealed- beyonce, fall out boy, and someone else whose name is leaving me right now. every episode until then, they will reveal another artist. also, they are no longer doing the top 10 countdown. well, they are but in a different way. each episode has a countdown theme.
the 12th(counting down) episode was girl power, 11th was hip hop, and 10th(yesterday) was retired videos. now these were songs from the begining of trl history (1998).

moving onto the next subject!

two wonderful bands
escape the fate

the lead singer of blessthefall has moved over to escape the fate.
now there is just one band
and its called escape the fate
its strange cuz you go and listen to an old escape the fate song
and then you listen to an old blessthefall song
then you listen to a new escape the fate song
and your just like woah!
same music
different singer
both of the singers are wonderful
i’m going to miss the original escape the fate singer’s voice
but i love craigs voice too.
i’m torn
its kinda wierd
but its rlly good music
their new album is called This War Is Ours
in stores now
(-cough-cheaper at hottopic-cough-)


i’ll post
but don’t blame me if its boring
ii cann’tt wait till the contest opens.
for free plane tickets and tickets to the th fanparty in a “to be revealed” european city.
i also can’t wait for phooson, even though i can’t go
and i can’t wait for christmas, to see shelby’s drawings.
freakin awesome.
soem kid accused me of being racist cuz i didn’t vote for obama
i’m just like you just hate me cuz i’m a democrat
makes no sense i know
except that he was being stupid and i decided not to be democratic this year

i’m sorry

but my life is boring


clean desk Pictures, Images and Photos
but i won’t have any more of those.
until sunday night
cuz shelby’s gonna be in lincoln city..

this made my day.

how could it not?

The lights are out and the dance floor’s waiting
But you’re too busy blending in the crowd
The lights are out and the dance floor’s waiting
But you’re too busy following the crowd

And when you come back down now, girl…
When you come back down now, girl…

When you were a young girl
Did you wanna be something more, baby?
But now you feel you’re so lost
And you’re burning up inside, yeah

We’re clocking in to watch our fate come crashing down
We’re clocking in to watch our fate come crashing down

I can’t pretend I’m happy when…
And now I know it’s pointless
I’m constantly on a down
And I’m tired of waiting, waiting
Climb to the top, climb to the top
And now you’re falling again

The lights are out and the dance floor’s waiting
But you’re too busy blending in the crowd
The lights are out and the dance floor’s waiting
But you’re too busy following the crowd

And when you come back down now, girl…
When you come back down now, girl…

When I was a young boy
I wanted to be something more, baby
But I can’t dance, no, and I sure as fuck cant sing

We’re clocking in to watch our fate come crashing down
We’re clocking in to watch our fate come crashing down

Why do we play into this motive?
What are you waiting for tonight?
You wonder, you wait
And you cant get through this without a *Freind*
Climb to the top, climb to the top
And now you’re falling again

Lets break it down

Everything’s so jaded, baby
Fathers trying hard to keep up with the Joneses
And his wife’s so dirty, baby
Sexing up every Tom, Dick and Harry in town

Lets go
I can’t pretend I’m happy when…
And now I know it’s pointless
I’m constantly on a down
And I’m tired of waiting
Climb to the top, climb to the top
climb to the top, climb to the top And now i know its pointless

so today was great. i spent it walking around town which always makes me happy. i also got my haircut and it was just perfect!!!!
and also
i was very sad a month ago when i found out trl got cancled. looks like its back on. and its on at 3:30 so i can’t ever miss it 😛 i can’t wait to watch it in 2 hours and see of tokio hotel is still on top ten. they better be. gah i’m so happy i was very sad when trl got cancled 😦 it still doesn’t make sense tho…. haha. anyway. yeah that song was keeping up with the joneses by the medic droid.
and also.
i can’t wait for:
kaila’s bday
the camera to come
the sticker to come
and to see how hot the baby back ribs are…. cuz i got the thermometer today…


i’m getting meine hair cut Morgen!! jaja 😀
i’m excited.
and on my way home.. i’m buying an old fashioned bottle of coke..
in the song lollipop they are like constantly whispering what sounds like “kenna” in the background. its really getting anoying. i keep turning around and going what?!
there was something else but i forget now…
oh yeah.. hah i can’t tell you its a secret :S ahha.


total family guy moment with the pastor
and then grandma sang. she rocked like awesome. she sang a country song.
then “winko”
we stayed in the car and looked at victoria secret catalouges with granny
then we ate at burgerville
then i came home and oh joy a lecture awaited me
no more life for me
nuh uh. no socialization. just the three of us in a tiny house. its supposedly all the communication i need. i mean screw the outside world. thats what she thinks. i’m gonna go eat the rest of the m&ms……
this picture always cheers me up XD

and this one. rofl


i’m gonna b not like z100 and give some shoutouts
to ppl on the forum…
and erika
haha. i finally have it straight 😛
“Just leave me your star dust to remember you by.

gabbbyyy.” which is really ash
and then there’s gabby.. see i get confused eaily
and maui
ur name rocks
well theres ur little shoutout chickos…
fine! those are the only ppl who get a shoutout!
you snooze you loose.

1. Name a song that involves food in some way.
pork and beans-weezer. duh

2. What criteria do you use when choosing a new cookbook to buy?
nothing. not a fan of cookbooks. but if…. pictures XD

3. What did you eat today?
2 eggs and 3 sausages….pudding

4. Name a vegan food that you know exists but you have never tried.
ugh i’m just gonna say tempeh

5. The Food Network just called and needs you to start your new show tomorrow. What will the title of the show be?
coooking with kenna.. ??? shelby would do better at this tho..

6. Favorite hot sauce or other spicy condiment?
red peeppaa

7. How old were you when you became vegetarian/vegan?
.. uhhh 120?

8. Favorite vegan cheeze?
whatever we had in our fridge for like months

9. Cutest baby animal?

10. Favorite type of jam/jelly/marmalade/preserves?
bz farms

11. Do you take any vitamins/supplements?

12. What food/dish most embodies the Fall season?
pumpkin bread. me and kaila are twins its kinda creepy

13. What food would you have a hard time living without?

14. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
coffee coffee coffee

15. It’s 10PM and you’re starving. What do you eat?
a vegie burger with an over easy egg on top

16. If you have an animal companion, what is his/her favorite food?
fuzzy love peanut butter, which makes him and kaila the perfect pet/owner pair.
pony loved junior mints, chedder cheese lays, coke, and coffee, which was perfect of him 🙂

17. Worst injury you’ve gotten in the kitchen?
uhh when i reached across a propane stove when we were camping

18. When you have a food-related question, who do you call?
ghost busters!

19. Summer is ending- What food will you miss most?
don’t say that. it makes me sad 😦 uhhhh icecream..:D

20. What snacks do you keep in your purse/backpack/desk at work?
fruit leathers. i always have like 5 in my locker. hah

21. Favorite soup to make on a rainy day?
minestrone(aka seasoned water… not good when your sick. haha)

22. What’s your favorite combination of fresh vegetable and/or fruit juices?
v8… the fruit flavored kind…

23. Favorite brand of root beer?
mug i guess. but i prefer coke or dr. ppp

24. Make up your own question!
whats your guilt non-vegan pleasure?
eggs… 😀

a majical websight

it is majical
they send you “a bunch” of free th stickers
to “total assault” places


i was just on photobucket
the front page where it has all the ads….
it was like Tokio Hotel album themes, exclusively to photobucket
so of course i clicked on it
and now my album is beautiful


so i watched it.
i was entertained.
i mean seriously it is ENDLESS entertainment.
especially the “hunchback” chick who is “embracing her awkwardness.”
haha what a joke
oh oh oh and how tyra’s all “you know what my signature pose is! THESE”
()_() her “feeas eyes”
now i’m smiling with my eyes e_e
now i’m not…. e_e
haha. well heres my favorite pics of the night cuz no matter how lame it is these girls take beautiful pictures.

yeah well pretty much everyone sucked this week. last week’s photoshoot was my favorite ever!!!!
it was very 60s.. i like that number today… and yeah, it was just cool you should google it or something. oh no just go to cw dot com.
kk well lauren brei went home which was sad cuz she was one of my favorites but it was her or sheena and i definately prefer sheena.

kk well that’s all for tonight
wir schleissen uns ein-listen to it

context is everything.

Taidnapam pt.2

It was a depressing drive up I5 because it started raining 😦
We stopped at a reststop about an hour away from our destination. It was just before that town that has a giant M, or is it and N, or a W, on the hillside. We had to run through the rain to get to the bathroom, and while we were there, we spotted steamin hot coffee, cocoa, and cookies!! gah i love reststops. especially the donations only policy. so the rest of the trip was spent juggling my cd player, fig newtons, cocoa, and my dirty feet. Then we stopped in that wonderful town with the mysterious letter on the hillside to go look in a bakery. This is when grandpa almost took out that tiny little truck and the logger dude got all pissed. No luck in the bakery though, just giant pies…
As we got closer to Morton we cheered up a little because the sun began to shine. And out with the sun came the beautiful scenery. I literally didn’t tear my eyes away from the window that whole last hour. I forget actually getting to the campground, but I do remember realizing that the people before us had kids, because the pavement was chalked(if thats a word) and there were fake little “fire pits” made out of stones everywhere. Courtney wanted us to see the dock and I remember the first time I went down there I ended up crawling after I hit about the 6th plank. I used to be such a freakin water fearer and with the rocking and the cant-see-the-bottom-water, I was kind of out of my element. Little did I know that the next day I would be sitting at the very end with my feet in the water, taking naps out there, and even doing something even more scary(that your gonna hafta wait for :))
After that we set up the tent and then decided to go see the fishing bridge. But we found out that we were at a loss- there was a slight misunderstanding and it left us with three people and 2 bikes. But it worked out fine because Kaila loves running and Courtney and I well, don’t. So we all biked/ran down to the fishing bridge. and THAT was HIGH and it had,, no “walls” freaky but again by the end of the week i was sitting on it with my back to the edge. There was an awesome tunnel thingy at the end of the bridge that led to a little playground that was kinda back in the woods and kinda by a water inlet thingy. We hung out there for a while until we got a call to come back. So we went back to the campsite and then “us girls” drove to Morton to get some stuff. First stop, the Northwest Do It Center “Doin It Best Across The Northwest.” I knew that their business card was the only suvenier I’d need, but It sucks cuz it went throuhg the wash 😦
So, we got some mosquito torches there. Then we went to the grocery store. On the way their grandma insisted on pulling up to this drunk old woodsmen with a hacksaw in his hand to ask for directions. But we’re all still here today, so it went fine.
We bought food and then went back to camp to eat dinner.
That night, Kaila and I froze to death.

lolli lolli

I have alot of energy today but theres nothing to do. So i’m taking it out on the computer!!!
i found cute picturessss!!!!!!!

and with my artistic hand, i changed this
to this
i’m a nerd and photobucket is my best friend.
i need to stop messing around and get in my writing zone though cuz i wanna finish the camping story

heres the songs i was listening to while writing this: lolli lolli -Three 6 Mafia, und not good enough- escape the fate
*coughs her guts out*

so today we spent alot of time in the bathroom, and didn’t realize how much we missed it. we also visited some old teachers 😉 it will always be a nostalgic thought-eight grade. For now, we have to do stupid assignments and give embarrasing presentations. One thing is left though- our sense of humor. I will never get over Lane’s presentation. I will also never understand why we are treated like fifth graders… tommorow will be a good, blog worthy day- with americas next top model and all. i’m looking forward to writing my first review. boy will it be entertaining. and then of course at 5 the new th episode comes out ! => ha.
well lets see. lanes a deer, shelby’s a joke, jake is rusty, and we are apparantly all five year olds in the teachers eyes. yep yep that was my day.
and in this closing statement…
fruity pebbles=gay flakes or faggy rocks.

Movie Review Cont.

the previous post pretty much described how good it was, but kaila and i noticed something. all these movies(nick and norah,juno, and the like) are a new genre. realism. in kaila’s rewritten words, people are sick of fairytales and want to see how great real life can be. I think they are easier to watch too because they talk and act in a way we are all used to. everything is so sincere and real, that it’s all very welcoming to watch and easy to understand. even the plot is real, its something people do everyday in manhatten 🙂
btw you have to listen to this song. its good to write to(which i just did) hilf mir fliegen-tokio hotel
nick and norah
nick,norah, and caroline

on top of all that, it had my two favorite actors: Michael Cera and Kat Dennings.
and also…never eat other peoples gum. you don’t know where its been!

best movie ever
and no the title isn’t just about that ipod you see them listening to in the car in the previews. so much cooler than that.
you should totally see it.
definately worth 7.50


The loverly Taidnapam(pronounce ty-ad-na-pom. right?) was visited by 6 souls on August 18, 2008. The long treck began one summer morning as these 6 people packed up their RVs and piled into their trucks for a long drive up I5 to a little world hidden in the trees of the North Cascades. A campground that is situated on the shores of the quaint but overwhelming Mayfield Lake.

The drive started off with me listening to my walkman, the sound of the radio in the truck, which was a political analyst talking about Obama, and my grandma and grandpa starting their roadtrip tradition- arguing. The words bozo, granny, coffee, and nuthead, were all exchanged by the time we got to 503. As we made our way toward the Ridgefield Junction, the arguments changed to whether or not we should stop at a reststop before getting onto the highway. The decision was no, since we would rather get coffees and cookies after we have driven for about 2 hours rather than 15 minutes.

to be continued cause i hafta clean…

i want a camera

ours doesn’t work and a blog isn’t a blog without pics. oh my gosh i know what to posstt!!!! look at my newest post. its going to be about the camping trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Brilliant


random things that will tell you a little more about myself
this kid is my freakin hero yeah...

I have an obsession with belts. They just look so cool and I wear one almost everyday.
my favortie is a hot pink studded one that shelby got me for my birthday. is amazazing.

i really want this one...christmas present?

well. for once. nothing interesting happened in school today. i’m not even kidding. nothing!
a week ago shelby saw the whole family from little people big world. actaully she was with them all day ’cause they were at her sisters 10 hour volleyball tournament. but yeah.. as for me. boring.

Well, Well

I would like to start by saying that I dedicate to Shaun Lunt, who died doing what he loved and whose blog has and always will inspire me. http://shaunlunt.blogspot.com/

In this blog, I plan to write of both the intricate and the lame, since my life contains a little bit of both. Every day I find myself spilling out the happenings of the day to my sister, and they NEVER fail to interest her 😉 so why not share them with you…

… In the future I plan on taking you all with me(hypothetically speakin, don’t get your hopes up) as I backpack around Europe. So, stay tuned… for about ten years.

<object width=”425″ height=”344″><param name=”movie” value=”http://www.youtube.com/v/TXtARiul590&hl=en_US&fs=1″></param><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”></param><param name=”allowscriptaccess” value=”always”></param><embed src=”http://www.youtube.com/v/TXtARiul590&hl=en_US&fs=1&#8243; type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”425″ height=”344″ allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true”></embed></object>


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finally, soem proof that joe jonas is gay

and bill kaulitz is NOT